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19209 Hwy 105 W
Montgomery, TX 77356
Phone: (888) 592-1741
Fax: (936) 582-6981
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm | Sat: 8am-2pm


Why don't you wash motors?

We feel that washing the motor hides oil leaks. If a motor is leaking we want you to see the leak before your purchase the truck.

Can I test drive a truck?

We encourage every customer to test drive the truck they are interested in.

Why do you not offer warranties?

Past experiences with warranty companies have not worked out in our customer's best interest. We want to look out for our customer's best interests and we feel that offering 3rd party warranties can damage our most valuable asset which is relationships we have with our customers.

Do you finance?

We do not offer financing. We will work with your bank or finance companies to get you into the truck you want.

Do you go through every truck you sell?

Because of the high volume of trucks we sell, we do not have time to go through every truck that comes to our yard. However we are willing to address any issues our customers find prior to finalizing a deal.

Will you pick out a truck for me?

Every person looks at trucks differently. We encourage our customers to come look at the trucks themselves and even bring a mechanic if they can. We would also gladly pick out a truck with a customer.

Will you take less for a truck or trailer if I pay cash or buy more than one piece of equipment?

We will gladly offer our BEST price to any customer no matter the form of payment and no matter the quantity.